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Mon Apr 14

Apr 14 must be berkeley via bellefontaine, smells like shit sounds like shit (must be latest MV alias) map

Apr 14 Re; bush/Roosevelt, yes kinloch yes!!!! (Berkeley)

Apr 14 Spewers or rancid words where are you?? This is important!!! (Berkeley) pic

Apr 14 Awww.... (Steak N Shake) map

Apr 14 blame Bush all you want,but this mess goes all the way back to (Teddy Roosevelt's progressive crap) pic map

Apr 14 Berkeley b@&ch here:):):)lol Hey flagger, gives a read (Berkeley) pic

Apr 14 WOW!!! Berkeley and the constitution got flagged????? (Hazelwood)

Apr 14 To the Berkeley Bitch (kcm) map

Sun Apr 13

Apr 13 Jim Crow laws were made by Democrats! (J. Bush) pic

Apr 13 Hey Lady! pic

Apr 13 I don't have to worry!

Apr 13 Voter Fraud DOES occur!

Apr 13 re: Supreme Court (R. Blunt) pic

Apr 13 supreme court has Once Again Sold the American People Out There should (B A Way Impeach Them) pic map

Apr 13 Head of IRS tells rep.issa Go Get Fucked pic map

Apr 13 Way to Go Lady pic map

Apr 13 paul ryan Should Not Hold Public Office pic map

Apr 13 Facts that the teaBags didnt want to hear after there 4 year Battle to (turn off People on ObamaCare) pic map

Apr 13 Very Interesting pic map

Sat Apr 12

Apr 12 5 promises - that's right 5 promises! (R. Perry) pic

Apr 12 Democrats Beat their Wives! (S. Palin) pic

Apr 12 SAY WHAT!!!! (J. Bush) pic


Apr 12 re: Bill Clinton map

Apr 12 Re; Berkeley petition. (Berkeley) pic

Apr 12 I guess T retard hasnt Died yet today but there's Plenty of time yet 4 (T Sicko to Croak) pic map

Apr 12 re: Bill Klinton (J. Bush) pic

Apr 11 Obamas aunt died map

Fri Apr 11

Apr 11 re: Bill Clinton map

Apr 11 Petition circulating in Berkeley mo, give a read (Berkeley)

Apr 11 When the Democrats won... (R. Perry) pic

Apr 11 Democrats - Party of the Rich (G. Soros) pic

Apr 11 If you vote republican..... (M. Bliss) pic map

Apr 11 retard wants to take your voting rite away by flagging this post Lets (stick a Flag up his Asss) pic map

Apr 11 The Difference Matters... (S. Palin) pic

Apr 11 Republicans are doing a great job- of destroying the middle class (Edwardsville) map

Thu Apr 10

Apr 10 Hildebeast 'stepping out' (J Bush) pic

Apr 10 Sing Along Now... (R Perry) pic

Apr 10 R retard really doesnt want U 2 C this Post Reform Voter Laws Folks R (Big Biz will Own You) pic map

Apr 10 Police Officer Jim Mitts BUSTED pic map

Apr 10 Re: re Looks like Most......... (T. Cruz) pic map

Apr 10 re: Looks like Most Liberals R Hypocrites & Sexual Perverts (S. Palin) pic

Apr 10 Never trust a Democrat (R. Perry) pic

Wed Apr 09

Apr 9 O(s)ama is against the poor (R. Paul) pic

Apr 9 And The Jepordy Answere Is (JUDGES) pic

Apr 9 Michelle is really a transvestite man! (O(s)ama the Gay Prez) pic

Apr 9 Flagged retard didnt like the Fact BUFFOON gw bush is GAY pic map

Apr 9 I walked protest outside Berkeley city hall carrying this sign, (Berkeley) map

Apr 9 re: Bush is Gay (R. Paul) pic

Apr 9 Legal assistance needed (STL) map

Apr 9 Bill Clinton??? (R. Perry) pic

Tue Apr 08

Apr 8 My court experience today, a must read for both sides (Berkeley)

Apr 8 Voters seeing disgusting teaBaggers in Congress&T Local Wacko teaBags (U wont believe what we will C) pic map

Apr 8 re: Dems Take Control of Congress (S. Palin) pic

Apr 8 Extend Unemployment Insurance and when T Dems Take Control of Congress (We Will Have Jobs) map

Apr 8 re: Unemployment Insurance (B. Jindal) pic

Apr 8 Real Illinois Problems (SI) pic map

Apr 8 re: ILL problems (S. Palin) pic

Mon Apr 07

Apr 7 retard approx 15% approve of teaBags in Crongress So 85% DISAPROVE (Of U Wacko's) pic map

Apr 7 MV is RIGHT only 50 percent approve of the illegitimate administration (up the street) pic

Apr 7 Help Our Students Sign the Petition pic map

Apr 7 Last days since retard back EVERY Post is Lies Desperation from the (Asshole is the Reason) pic map

Apr 7 Ur A Liar retard fact Obama Approval Rating50% thats Y U Flag ThisPost (Ur A Jackoff Loser) pic map

Apr 7 Obamacare debacle, the dems own it forever (NO REPUBLICAN VOTES!!!) map

Sun Apr 06

Apr 6 fact must be that 50% dis approve of the illegitimate administration (up the street) pic

Apr 6 another thought concerning the 1st tranny,could momma R. be his wife (and the girls real mother?)

Apr 6 Congress vs. O(s)amaScare (MV the Village Fool) pic

Apr 6 More O(s)amaScare Theory (R. Limbaugh) pic

Apr 6 fact not retard Lies Obama 50%Approval from Rasmussen a (republican Polster) pic map

Apr 6 Il. problems (IL.) map

Sat Apr 05

Apr 5 O(s)amaScare at 26% approval (wait until premiums go up!) pic

Apr 5 RE: re:RE: re: LOL (oink oink) pic map

Apr 5 re:RE: re: LOL (oink oink) map

Apr 5 RE re LOL Yeah RIGHT map

Apr 5 LoL you a RINO tool for the leftist fools? (in this Republic) pic map

Apr 5 re:LOL (YEAH RIGHT) map

Apr 5 LoL

Apr 5 the sponge brain with shitty pants liberal is incapable of debate (he only good at blaming and name calling) pic map

Apr 5 6 billion?,actually over 11 trillion squandered on lies and promises (leftist fools killed our economy) pic map

Apr 5 U want a lib 2 Debate U,Ur Not worth T Time & Effort U retard U Have (Been Proved Wrong Befrore) pic map


Apr 4 The Bible Is True, science proves that the Bible is very scientific

Apr 4 State Department Has Lost Track of More Than $6 Billion

Apr 4 re umm hypocrite?

Fri Apr 04

Apr 4 umm hypocrite? (SM) pic map

Apr 4 Why the Liberal Hate?

Apr 4 Hillary Clinton 'Screamed' at Member of Congress

Apr 4 I want a Liberal to debate this and PROVE it wrong

Apr 4 re Dems Add Your Names

Apr 4 Harry Reid is a Liar

Apr 4 Obama will B a 1 Man Wrecking Crew Destroying T teaBagagsThis Election (Cry teaBags Cry) pic map

Apr 4 good to know the libturds are so self assured all they need is a ( campaigner like Obama) pic map

Apr 4 T retard is Back from more schooling after getting his ass kicked (teaBags wont win shit) pic map

Apr 4 A President Of and For the People pic map

Apr 4 The Tea Party wasn't created in racism to push hate.

Apr 4 Awwww Poor little SM and MV getting their asses kicked

Apr 4 Detroit in RUINS! Run by Dems for last 53 years

Apr 4 OMG MV is posting his fat faced pic again!! (weirdville) map

Apr 4 Well it was nice while it lasted... (Twillman) pic map

Apr 4 Obama Desroying America

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