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posted fri aug 22

Aug 22 Fox News were the ones to report Benghazi as being a terrorist attack pic

Aug 22 Liberals are unable to make an intelligent post

Aug 22 re Daddy Son Work Day pic

Aug 22 re re: Fauxx News (We Deside Who's RIGHT)

Aug 22 It's Okay to Leave the Plantation pic

Aug 22 Daddy Son Work Day (Across The USA) pic

Aug 22 tricks that many people fall for:

Aug 22 Ferguson Thug Is Proud to Combat Injustice by Looting and Vandalizing

Aug 22 The Very Radical Racist Background Of Michelle Obama pic

Aug 22 poor useful idiots pic

Aug 22 Mass Murderers Have Been Liberals/Democrats

Aug 22 You Might be a Liberal if. . .

Aug 22 The Jihadi Serial Killer no One's Talking About

Aug 22 25 liberal/Democrat jokes to start your day

Aug 22 145 Reasons Why Liberals Suck...

Aug 22 I want a Liberal to debate this and PROVE it wrong

Aug 22 6 Reason Why Liberals Suck

Aug 22 America's Liberals In Action:

Aug 22 5 Uncomfortable Truths About Liberals pic

Aug 22 Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama's Words and Deeds

Aug 22 Why do Liberals love to flag posts pic

Aug 22 How the Obama Administration Threw Gas on the Ferguson Fire pic

Aug 22 Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

Aug 22 This is From The Liberal Playbook

Aug 22 The Liberal Mind

Aug 22 Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama's Words and Deeds

Aug 22 tricks that many people fall for:

Aug 22 Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

Aug 22 The Liberal Mind

Aug 22 ISIS 'beyond anything that we've ever seen,' Hagel warns

Aug 22 Sign the petition to draft Dr. Carson for President!

Aug 22 Conservative Guest Asks CNN Anchor to Define 'Automatic Weapon'

posted thu aug 21

Aug 21 Obama Broke The Law. . ..Again. pic

Aug 21 This Sums up Liberals - They are so hurt by the TRUTH pic

Aug 21 Liberal agenda aims to destroy Christian principles

Aug 21 Black cop kills white man (where is the outrage?)

Aug 21 Africans take advantage of St Louis (ML King) pic

Aug 21 When the Democrats won... (R. Perry) pic

Aug 21 liberal logic FAIL (R. Paul) pic

Aug 21 Sign T Petition Dont Let Big Biz Buy Our Political Figures pic

Aug 21 Friday Night LBBC College & Career Bible Study + FREE Dinner @ 7:45 PM (Near UMSL campus) pic map

Aug 21 The truth about Ferguson map

Aug 21 ** What are you people nuts about? @@ (ferguson) map

posted wed aug 20

Aug 20 Went to Quick Trip yesterday... (711) pic

Aug 20 The 'riots' in Ferguson today (S Hannity) pic

Aug 20 Re: Ferguson map

Aug 20 re: no parent should lose a child (ML King) pic

Aug 20 re: ONE TIME POST (ML King) pic

Aug 20 Need Volunteer for Documentary in Ferguson (Ferguson) map

Aug 20 nice Governor you have there (iowa) map

Aug 20 ONE TIME POST: Killer Cop: read Orwell, 1984 (Ferguson) map

Aug 20 Re: Ferguson killer cop

Aug 20 Ferguson....Killer cop / should have shown your beat up face if that.. map

Aug 20 "It's free swipe "yo" EBT," FOOF"-STAMPS (people need to put food on the table!!) map


Aug 20 RE;ferguson reality/READ IT !!! (USA) map

Aug 20 WAGES DOWN 23% SINCE 2008! (obama ECONOMY) map

Aug 20 Egypt dissolves the Muslim Bro hood (Obama established it!) map

Aug 20 justice unequal for all (oregon) map

Aug 20 RE Cops Think it is their RIGHT to be Judge, Jury & Executioners map

Aug 20 m brown and treyvon martin same same map

Aug 20 Nixon Throws Wilson Under The Bus (south st. louis) map

Aug 20 Micheal Brown WAS armed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! map

Aug 20 Email governors office map

Aug 20 Impeach Jay Nixon now (St. Louis) map

Aug 20 RE RE Re;no1 whose word Do U Believe a retarded teaBag or a Accredited pic


Aug 20 Poll: Hussein worst president in , drum roll please (70 YEARS!!!!) map

Aug 20 even more worth repeating (Pa Kettle) pic map

Aug 20 Gov. Nixon is a disgrace. map

Aug 20 Reports of molotov cocktails & burning tires in Ferguson (Ferguson) pic map

posted tue aug 19

Aug 19 Re;Cops. STFU there are Blacks and there are NIGGERS, they are the 1s (causing Problems)

Aug 19 Cops Think it is their RIGHT to be Judge, Jury & Executioners (America)

Aug 19 Police chief rips OBAMA (Ferguson) map

Aug 19 Racism and Justice System in America (st louis) pic map

Aug 19 NRA wants ALL Citizens to be Armed.....Black and White---Old and Young (Schools or Government--Guns Rule) map

Aug 19 The Real Enemy Within (D Trickle) pic map

Aug 19 obama releases 600 illegals with criminal convictions! (what a jerk) map

Aug 19 There Finally Dumping mushMouth LimpDick pic

Aug 19 Support Darren Wilson Rally (St.Louis,Mo.)

Aug 19 The local PD didn't say what happened. SO NOW MUST 'sacrifice' thatCOP (ferguson missouri ) map

Aug 19 I am a Lib Dem who supports Black against Racist but brown was a 2 bit (Hood Trouble Maker)

Aug 19 just another "THUG" dead map

Aug 19 barackhusseinobamacare NEWLY INSURED (DUMBASSES) map

Aug 19 coolest summer on record in the U.S. (WHERE IS ALGO) map

Aug 19 Dr. Ben Carson on 'False Hypersensitivity':

Aug 19 Sad day for Liberals

Aug 19 This whole Ferguson mess could have been avoided

Aug 19 SNITCH ALERT! pic

posted mon aug 18

Aug 18 Victim Michael Brown WAS NOT Shot in Back pic

Aug 18 A Dozen Witnesses Confirm #Ferguson Cop's Version of Brown Shooting pic

Aug 18 Ferguson map


Aug 18 LMMFAO pic map

Aug 18 only a leftist demwits take issue if a man wants sex with his wife (anything natural taboo to them)

Aug 18 Liberalism: Psychosis, evil or ignorance?

Aug 18 RE: HUMMMM map

Aug 18 Michael Brown Attorneys Contradicting Autopsy Report pic

Aug 18 The agitators are getting agitated pic

Aug 18 Missouri GOP: Michael Brown Voting Registration Booths 'Disgusting'

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