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anyone who has studied what MLK wrote and professed would agree (he didnt follow with progressism either) pic

Mexican Gov. paying to keep illegals in the U.S. (DISEASE BEARERS) pic map

Jimma' Catta' says Oblamer blew it on ISIL ( commin' from Jimma'?) pic map

Change we can believe in... (T Martin) pic

The Future of the DNC (The White House) pic

the run-on, comma queen makes another psychobabble right wing post (The Twillman) pic map

oo oo ouch ,that liberal callin me names and tryin to hurt my feelings (he a keyboard badass) pic

Flagged By The retard he doesnt want you to know How important this (election is) pic

A Movie About Where Craigslist Tea Party Posters Live (SI) pic map


MLK was not a Republican, he wasn't that stupid! (E. Till) pic map

Another St Louis thug gets nailed! (Sauget) pic

Response to rehoming fees/ Flagging (Everywhere) pic

The Bill of Rights.


Friday Night LBBC College & Career Bible Study + FREE Dinner @ 7:45 PM (Near UMSL Campus) pic map

T Only Wave U C retard is People Puking When They C T Garbage U Post (All Day Vote Dem Folks) pic

Example of what drug abuse can do to you (H Klinton) pic

Re:re:re:............................................. (it's official) pic

re:re:............................................. (so stupid) pic map stupid pic map

STANDYOURGROUND-sendcopshome stupid. pic map

retard Flagging Post at 5 AM has a Autoflagger 2 Use 4 Losers like him (He Post Lies) pic

2nd Highest Unemployment Rate!!! (Springfield) pic


Did she really say that? pic map

Civil Forfeiture Laws (land of the free?) map

The Second American Revolution map

USA Needs Bernie Sanders (SI) map

George Zimmerman will not face (CIVIL RIGHTS CHARGES!!!) pic map

A List Of Obama Accomplishments 1 Of T Most Competent Presidents Ever pic

Our Peace Prize Winng Pres. Barack Obama is Killing More Terrorist pic

USA Needs Bernie Sanders and So Do You Voters (Wake Up 4 Your Benefit) pic


republicans Have Done NOTHING 2 Create Jobs Look What This JO Has 2 (Say About Great Jobs #s)

a rib tickler pic map

folks MV has the autodumbass on again! pic

oh my did spongebrainshittypants have 2 thoughts in one day? (he thinks in gibberish) map

Who Strated the Fucing Illegal Aliens Ur B actor ronald reagan 2 Help (Big Biz Break Unions)

Under Dems and Obama with NO Help from republicans Employment is Great (Compared 2 BUFFOON gw bush) pic

re Fox pic

re Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million pic

more liberal psychotics (Disney World) pic

the end of the world, as we know it (ebola-stan) pic map

Support Freedom (SI) pic map

Not a wave..................................................

I challenge people to prove that the drug war should be continued.

Colbert Kicks oriely in the Ass pic

Notable quotes the retard MV back by popular demand (best one yet!) map

Not a Wave But A LandSlide Democratic Victotry This November pic

The President says "no boots on the ground" (sounds good to me ) map

Friday Night LBBC College & Career Bible Study + FREE Dinner @ 7:45 PM (Near UMSL Campus) pic map

Please let cruz&failin palin B Ur Nominee Please Please Please pic

RE: obama supports muslim cleric (dc)

re liar in chief (VERY TELLING!!!!!!) pic map

but he only underestimated the threat,Hilary should have told him (Whispering Wind )

liar in chief escalated mideast war he promised to end by 2nd term (in this Republic)

so the Demwit says to the Republican asshole (mmm tastes like Hershey's)

Re;ooo retard were U Thinking 4 UrSelf whenU Voted 4 T BUFFOON gw bush (Ur getting Ur ass Whipped again) pic

FOX NEWS IN HISTORIC ratings victory!!!!!!!!! (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!) map

47 Million on Food Stamps Only 10.4 Million Unemployed

Hypocrisy Defined (R. Murdoch) pic map

You think the neo-CON troll who typed this is mentally stable? (VERY TELLING!! J. Raisch) pic map

Cruz invites 'Jose Hussein Obama to play (GOLF!) map

Hussein's life history a little while back (on Youtube) map

Racism 101 for us Whites (Stl)

Eric "IRS" Holder RESIGNS , will he work for ISIL? (yaaahoooooo) pic map

Snicker Chuckle pic map

re; MV is giving ................ straaange (MV's creepy house) map

Hey baldy, looks like you've been had again! (MV'S HOUSE) map

Check the Facts RETARD!

MV really kicking T retards ass who resorts 2 Disgusting LIES to (discredit MV) pic

What's Happening in One of the Most Progressive Cities

Police arrested Connecticut state Rep. Christina "Tita" Ayala

A little education (Ferguson)

Fuck Michael Brown

Poor Little Mikey always getting his ass kicked

re "Osama"... pic map

just because it took you all day&night to read the posts (it didnt take that long to post) pic

Folks Hope Ur Reading T retards post U can See What a Moron IT is pic

Umm, you were sayin? (Knob Lick) pic map

Liberal tricks

Liberalism and bestiality pic

AP Fact-Check Shreds Obama UN Speech pic

Lol pic map

Well it was nice while it lasted... (bait) pic map


The typical Obama supporter.

Obama Underestimated Threat of Militants Who Wound Up Forming Islamic pic

the RETARDED DUMB BASTARD MV Can cry all he wants pic

how the left thinks pic

8 ways the Obama administration is blocking information

2014 Tax refunds will be docked (REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER) pic map

retard a Little More Poll Predictions for you Read them and Weep U (CryBaby Moron) pic

Good News MV! (Twillman) pic map

An article about mv and scotty pic

liberal tricks pic

LOL! Looks like 'THE' Dumb BasTARD didn't get the memo! (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAVILLE, IL) pic map

Jose O. Heintz (troll) (An American Failure) pic map

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displaying ... of 375 postings<<101 - 200 of 375