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This is your life WEIRDASS (LOSERVILLE) pic map

The RETARD MV posted this on Sat. Sept 27, 2014 (from MOM's basement) pic map

Someone needs a history lesson, Democrats had the slaves (Stl) (stl) pic map

Obstruct, Obstruct, Obstruct (SI) pic map

the silence from the liberals is deafening (Springfield IL) pic

Bernie Sanders.............................................. (Top) pic map

Dear "More Stupid", pic map

Tim Scott wins US Senate race pic

re stupid/ Bernie for prez pic

Democrats Sink to Pre--Great Depression Levels in State Legislatures pic


What a BLOW OUT!!! (Crawford, TX) pic

Illinois finally got it RIGHT,rest of nation following suit (in this Republic)

Bernie Sanders? map

VOTE (SI) pic map

Democrats = Racists (M Huckabee) pic

MV and his son are out there.............. (Top) pic map

RE:RE:Why I never vote Republican (USA) map

NEW poll; Conservatards spend 99% of the day paranoid and delusional (everywhere!) map

New Political Mascot (Washington D.C.) pic

Will B flagged Tomorrow Most IMPORTANT Election U Will EVER Vote In

when stupid is as stupid does,ya jus cant go without sayin it (in this Republic)

speaking of the fundraiser in chief, WTF (in this Republic)

USA: 2014 Coolest year on RECORD! (Where is ALGO?) map

re same garbage.....................................

wont even consider flagging your blame and lies gibberish (up the street on th RIGHT)

Gallup: Obama not honest or trustworthy (D.C. ) map

Obama: Muslims built" the very fabric" (of our nation) map

DISEASE continues to plague illegals (YOUR TOWN) pic map

Barack Hussein Obola CANCELLED A FUNDRAISER (To Meet with his cabinet) pic map

Same Garbage from T retard & Blocking Post along with repukes Blocking (Voters Wake Up folks) pic

100,000 Muslims per year coming to the US! (YOUR TOWN) map

Klayman files for deportation of Hussein Obama (back to Africa!) pic map

Poll: Hussein worst president in , drum roll please (70 YEARS!!!!) map

Jimma' Catta' says Oblamer blew it on ISIL ( commin' from Jimma'?) pic map

dems lowest ratings in 30 years! meanwhile....... (election time!) pic map

poll: Obama 72% approval? (WHAAAT?) map

A Jobs Plan for America map

Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million Ame map

food-stamp-recipients-top-46-million-35th-straight-month map

Obama-frees-36007-illegal-alien Criminals map

Stop Executive Amnesty! map


Re: re why does this post scare.......???? Top pic map

and We thank Hilary, Nancy and Harry for the WMD lies (that caused Dem's vote for war)

liar in chief escalated mideast war he promised to end by 2nd term (in this Republic)

I'm still posting about GW ! six years IN!! (loserville) pic map

re Buffoon........................................... (Top) pic map

re why does this post scare...................???? (Top)

Thank your BUFFOON gw bush for Opening a Can of Worms, ISISS that has (Caused the Mid East Problems) pic

Friday Night Bible Study + FREE Dinner (College & Career) @ 7:45 PM (Near UMSL Campus) pic map

Re Still..Lol.. Flagged by the Flaggots--Read Every Word, lol (Commaville ,MO ,) pic map

Suspect in police killings was DEPORTED TWICE !! ('Jose Obama) map

re: Still...How can anyone be this stupid? Freudian slip? (WTF IS..........?) map

RE: Why i never vote republican (sinister louis) map

unbelievable yet proves you so stupid to repost it over&over (up th street on th Right)

why we shouldn't vote just because Democrat or Republican (vote for Constitutionalists) pic

Still UNbelievable! pic map

Diversity is a CODEWORD for White Genocide (Western Civilization) pic


Accomplishments of Obama with NO HELP from republicans Ask T retard (what teabags Have Done 4 U) pic

Don't be fooled again! (The Who) pic map

at least spongebrainshittypants admits he be the gibbering demwit (up the street on the RIGHT)

re: CNN (yesterday) (left out Allah) map

gee that gibbering demwit sure helped me make up my mind, like (he so politically correct) pic

Folks is T retard educating U on who 2 Vote 4 I reallyHope he is after (T Garbage U Vote Dem) pic

President skips 60% of daily intell. briefings (typical) pic map


'Calibration issue' pops up on Maryland voting machines pic

Already counted you say? pic map

A Video Message from Republicans (teatardistan) pic map

re: NUTS All American African votes are (already counted) pic map

re NUTS pic map

Re;Maryland Dem,dailyCallerA RiteWing BiasedOutlet by tucker carslson (A FanaticTwirp Trash Mouth LIAR )

NUTS (SI) pic map

re re Is the Republican Party...GAY??? (teatardistan) map

50+ Posts from 'THE' Dumb BasTARD in the last 24hrs....

Communism And Moral Decay

Communist Goals (1963) AKA The Liberal Agenda

re Suspect in police killings

RE has anyone heard

has anyone heard when we have to start using the (Gestapo lightbulbs?) map

Democrats Join The Ferguson Lynch Mob

LBJ 'Destroyed African-American Families'

RE RIP Taveras

The Democratic Party's Two-Facedness of Race Relations

Why Black Americans Should Vote Republican

Lost History In The Civil Rights Movement

Eugenics Mostly Progressive, Not Conservative

The 12 Unspoken Rules For Being A Liberal pic

Saul Alinsky Strategy in Ferguson MO

Read Hillary Clinton's Letters to Saul Alinsky


Best of Beck

re Told ya so, Blazers! pic

re Is the Republican Party...GAY??? pic

rino's&demwits tailspin gains speed as they watch voters flock to the (Right!as th TEA gets hotter) pic map

at least the RIGHT will admit if wrong,but left always lies and denies (up the street on the Right) pic

The truth about Israel and Palestine

Is the Republican Party...GAY??? (teatardistan) map

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