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Jose O. Heintz (troll) (An American Failure) pic map

50 Dumb Liberal Quotes

The poor little agitators are agitated pic

Holder looses his grip, contempt case (WILL PROCEED) map

17 Posts from 'THE' Dumb BasTARD this far (M. Bliss Rec Hall) pic map

Liberal logic

Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama's Words and Deeds

Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

tricks that many people fall for:

Good Number of Liberals -- Call Obama Presidency a Failure pic

Hillary Clinton 'Screamed' at Member of Congress

The Top Ten Liberal Lies pic

50 Dumb Liberal Quotes pic


21 Blatant Lies Obama has Told you Directly to your Face

Left Wing Radical Hypocrites

7 Lies Liberals Tell Young Americans pic

Family members in turkey?

teaBaggers Say they Lie to The Posters Ha Ha Ha pic

72% of voters not happy with congress or senate,will vote to replace (all incumbents) pic map

progessive demwits&rinos running scared as they fear losing to RIGHT (as sheeple come out of the hopenosis) pic map

Straw Polls are Worthless Dems will Take The South (Straw Poll From teaBags) pic

Cruz wins value voters straw poll...... (2016?) map


WOW! Can you believe it?????? (Jose' Raisch) pic map

delusions of leftist liberals just symptomatic of the (mental illness they possess)

Police: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace (Oklahoma City) map

mv was asked to leave map

retard BUFFOON bush destroyed T USA So Bad posters will Let U No How (Stupid U were 4 his Support) pic

re:OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (VERY TELLING) map


OMG!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! pic map

St Louis Politics-Chat in REAL time (St Louis, MO) pic

Re;Peace, retard says Obama Bad But retard Supported BUFFOON bush8yrs (bush Destroyed USA) pic

re: Can You ..........time to get help LITTLE guy (Obama won the vote in Ferguson twice) map

Rupert Murdoch Calls Fox News Viewers Morons & White Trash (Nowyouknow AZ) pic map


A Jobs Plan for America map

RE: re Told Ya So (Black Jack)... pic map

re: Told ya so (Black Jack) who the hell is (dunno?) map

I wonder if..... (T. Delay) pic map

Re: re: another knee slapper-cause i bees a mart re-pubicon (leawood) pic map

GOP-the party of sexual predator hypocrites (T. Lott) pic map

Old News but It's Official.......................... pic map

a knee slapper

Told ya so, Blazers! GOP-Gullible Old Psychos (Becktopia, D'OHio) pic

Told ya so (Black Jack) map

Time to Impeach BOEHNER!! pic map

I wish we had a congress that wasnt Racist & Anarchist that works for (The people of T USA) pic

Looks Like T retard Snorting T AirPlane Glue Already Today

Democrats = Racists (M Huckabee) pic

Psychiatrist Confirms: Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

A Stand Down Order Was Given In Benghazi Attack

John McCain Battles With Jay Carney pic

10 Differences between Conservatives And Liberals

60 Hard Truths about "Liberals"


Liberal Filmmaker Calls Obama a 'Huge Disappointment'

Cry Baby Mikey just hates it when he gets his ass kicked so early (in the morning)

The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness

yes ,,wake up Mr Sanders abolish all exclusions from SSI &Ohbamacare (make everybody pay in) pic

Free Thinking Democrats (R Paul) pic

usual demwit concerns about border security & economy (blamegame&childish gibbering)

Re;Obama's Goal,retard Insults T Intelligence Of Voters He Thinks They (R Morons Like He Is) pic

never been called "Mr perfect" just consider me imperfect for the (mistake I made in 2008)

American Africans in the 60's robbing (Liquor stores) pic map

72 % of You Voters Dont Like the Republican Congress But U Have 2 Vote (This November Folks)

didnt look like poster sought any right to the term,just (wanted to correct its origin)

Local Message Board Worth Checking Out

re: you did not "coin" the term Demwit,,. pic map

you did not "coin" the term Demwit,,its been used here since 2007 (unless "coin"means U too)

When the DemocRATS won... (R Reagan) pic

you are RIGHT Mikey that 1st post cant be yours, you hardly know how (to spell much less puncuate)

retard MV never Left if U have a Problem with Comma's address them 2 (some1 Else 1st. Post today U Asshole) pic

Outrage with NFL Scandals Are Mis-Directed

mv's stalker, the run on sentence, diaper wearing comma queen.. (Twillman) pic map

Friday Night LBBC College & Career Bible Study + FREE Dinner @ 7:45 PM (Near UMSL Campus) pic map

john McShame and lindsey Stupid being Used By Saudi Arabia pic

Re: re WOW (Arriba, NM) pic map

re WOW map

we have climate change at least four times a year ( manbearpig is the real problem) pic

no one dumping Limbaugh,he more popular than ever (go dream another lie Mike) pic

Great Post from Someone on T R&R Board

anti oppression, anti police, anti coercion (st. Charles county and Lincoln county)

Another Day of LIES & Garbage from the retard who has the Mentality of (A Juvenile Deliquent) pic

re Antarctic sea ice.. pic map

re: Fauxx News (We Deside Who's RIGHT) pic

i r a scorned republiturd (crawfird) pic map

i r smrt republitard (crawford)

Help Needed - Canvassing Neighborhoods (St Charles) pic map

Campaign Enthusiasts (St Charles County) map

Deport ALL retarded repukes before thet Destroy T USA

retard has T autoflagger Going again pic

Elizabeth Warren Slams T Anarchist mitch mcconell pic

How Long will cuck todd last as Narator of Meet The Press I hope (not long at all)

MV must really be kicking teaBags Ass with all the disgusting post (against him Keep it up MV) pic

A Must See Video pic

BUFFOON gw bush Lies over 4000 Troops Dead because of those LIES bush (is a MURDERER) pic

Bring On The November Elections pic

olde English bulldog puppies (Missouri) pic

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displaying ... of 381 postings<<201 - 300 of 381