BIG MIKE...I KNEW HIM AS WELL (north st. louis city)

As a educated black man i would avoid him at all costs when i saw him...he was a few years behind me in school but he was a absolute MENACE to society......he made us all afraid......look at him in the eye too long and you were in for a beat down....he liked being big so he could back up his attitude.....Nothing good would ever come from this boy of a man. NOTHING.

NOW THIS VIOLENCE is a result of people acting out at our police like state. I believe with all my heart that big mike had his hands up ....but he was telling the cop he wasnt gonna shoot him and walking at the cop....when he was shot and bent down...the other bullets hit his head im to take down a 7 foot , 300+ pound need some shots....shots wouldnt stop him...he would become enraged over anything and would go numb....he didnt even feel the first few shots im sure....and if he did they didnt stop his mind from pushing on ...he thought he was invinsible cause he was sooooo big.....he thought he couldnt be killed ....he was wrong of course but being so young and big with a bigger attitude of hatred too....thats a deadly mix and big mike had that rage in him that blocked out all rational thought. People now are gonna use this to divide the races even further and keep us all apart.....they are gonna keep at it too....The media is pushing it too....they want more action to put on tv...goood or bad....they want more bad or shocking news....they want more violence....i read that other ad on here...most shocking thing you will ever this puppets.....and it is right.....

what are we gonna do??? I am a black man married to a chinese wife with 3 children now....i guess im a racemixer...but do the kids now suffer??? i bet they will....welcome to new soviet union...
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