Homeschool Books (Belleville, IL)

If you are from St. Louis, I would be willing to meet in the South County area or possibly a half-way point for each of us.

***If you see this ad, ALL the items are still available. Once I sell an item, I will delete it immediately from the list below.***

*DIVE CD 8/7 -$35 good condition

*The Quarter Mile Math Level 1 HYBRID CD Version 6.3.2 Proven effectiveness and extremely motivating. Excellent condition $20.

*Switched-On Schoolhouse Monarch 11 Chemistry kit in GREAT condition. Purchased new from Home Science Tools. The kit is complete and everything is accounted for. Nearly 95% of the material has never been used. Currently, this same kit is selling on Home Science Tools for $193.95. I am asking $125. Includes the following:

Acetone, 30 ml
Alcohol lamp, wickless
Ammonium nitrate, 30 g
Beaker, 250 ml (2)
Beaker, 1000 ml
Beaker, polypropylene, 250 ml
Calcium carbonate, chips, 30 g
Clamp, burette
Filter paper, 10/pkg
Flask, Erlenmeyer, 250 ml
Friction pad, wool, 6x6"
Funnel, plastic, 65 mm dia.
Glycerin (glycerol), 30 ml
Graduated cylinder, glass, 10 ml
Graduated cylinder, glass, 100 ml
Hydrochloric acid, 30 ml
Iron II (ferrous) sulfate, 30 g
Lab apron, economy
Paper set, 10 sheets
Paradichlorobenzene, 30 g
Phenolphthalein solution, 15ml
Pipet, disposable, 5 ml, 10/pk
Polyvinyl alcohol, 30 g
Potassium chromate, 30 g
Potassium permanganate, 30 g
Ring stand, 4x6" base, 18" rod
Ring support, 4" diameter
Rubber stopper, #6 or 6-1/2, 1-hole
Rubber stopper, #0, solid
Safety gloves, size med.
Safety goggles, full-size
Sand, fine, 1 lb.
Silver nitrate, 2 g
Sodium hydroxide, 30g
Sodium tetraborate, 30 g
Stirring rod, glass, 6"
Test tube brush
Test tube clamp
Test tube rack, 6 holes
Test tubes,
Thermometer, Celsius, 12"
Tube, 5 mm glass, 3" long
Wire gauze, ceramic center, 5"

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