West African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana - $25 (Ballwin / Wildwood)

West African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana 1 thumbnailWest African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana 2 thumbnailWest African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana 3 thumbnailWest African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana 4 thumbnailWest African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana 5 thumbnailWest African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana 6 thumbnailWest African Royal Ashanti Stool Replica from Ghana 7 thumbnail
condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Ashanti Wood Carvers
size / dimensions: details in posting

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The traditional Ghanaian stool (or asesedwa in the Asante Twi language) is a carved wooden stool common in sub-Saharan West Africa, and especially common in Ghana.

Such stools are usually three dimensional objects as seen in photos 3 - 5. These photos show that a proper stool had height, breadth, and depth - the latter being the place where one actually sits.

However, our stool [ shown in the first 2 images ONLY - other images are shown to portray the range of stool types possible ] is a two-dimensional replica, the only type available to outsiders.

The other stool images are of other styles not for sale here but done by the Ashanti for the same ceremonial purposes. The last two images illustrate how an Ashanti royal person sits in his court and how a gilded special stool looks.

It is 17 ½” wide, 9 ½” tall, and only 2” front to back, not enough to sit on but adequate to depict the nature and beauty of an authentic Ashanti [ also spelled Asante ] stool. Yes, Ashanti stools position one very close to the ground.

And, because stools are important personal objects, they are never sold away from the owner.

We have shown ours hanging on wall [hook on back is included] as well as sittng on a table. It is stable in both methods of showing. The artists who made it used African hardwoods and finished it off with a silver-tone coating on the raised areas of the wood to bring out decorative highlights. Stools are carved from a single piece of wood, with different designs and meanings.

We purchased ours in Kumasi, Ghana in 2006 on a major trip through much of West Africa. Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti Region, in southern Ghana. It’s known as a center for Ashanti culture - while we there we were very fortunate to witness a royal “loyalty’ ceremony during which many minor chiefs and vassals of the Ashanti king came from near and far within his realm to Kumasi to show their fealty to him. There was so much color in garments, flags, and wall paintings, such loud and joyous music, and great singing and dancing that it was quite a privilege and so impactful to observe as guests.

The higher the social or political status of the stool owner, the more elaborely embellished such a stool would be. The Ashanti king whose stool we saw him use was amazinlgy ornamented; it suited his power well.

An extreme example of powerful stool users would be the image of an Ashanti king and his stool as seen in the last two images in this posting. Although this use can still be encountered in remote areas of Ghana, the simple stool, as the other photos show, is commonly used all over Ghana's rural areas today.

The seat or stool is one of the most important items of furniture in African culture. They represent the owners status, wealth and social rank. The Ashanti stool has spiritual significance as it understood that it is the seat to the owners' soul. The Ashanti people say that there are no secrets between a man and his stool. When it is not in use, the stood is rested against a wall at a slant to ensure that no other passing souls can rest on it.

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