Lone Ranger Premium Cards - $2,000 (Hillsboro, Mo.)

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Each depicts aq full color action scene. Cards were obtained by sending in wrappers from Lone Ranger Gum. 1938, Rare. Very little wear. No tape marks or thumbtack holes. I have four of the five cards in the set. Missing number five, the Lone Ranger Foils a Murderer. I have number one, Tonto Saves the Lone Ranger. Number two, The Lone Ranger Licks Kester. Number three, The Lone Ranger Rescues Joan at the Pit. Number four, Tonto Fights Off the Troopers. I also have the envelope they came in, and the five picture display card which shows a picture of the one I am missing. If my set was not missing that one card, they are listed for $2,875. This is what they were priced in 1996. On the computer now, Number one is going for $1,950. Number two is going for $330. Number three is going for $330. Number four is going for $330. I do not have number five, which is going for $250. That would be $2,940 for the ones that I have. I would take $2,000 for the ones that I have. In 1996, the full set was listed for $2,875. In 2021, the full set is listed for $3,190. I am missing number five ($250) bringing it down to $2,875. If you are a collector of Lone Ranger Collectables, you don't think that I have what I have marked down enough? They have been stored in the envelope that they came in for a long time.

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