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Workout strategy, operating plans, financials, valuations, (Long Beach)

Good morning,

I have been involved in the financial sector for over 25 years as a VC/PE and hedge fund manager, advisor to companies restructuring, refinancing and pivoting their business/financial models.

Although, I. have been at the helm through every financial and global crisis since 1981, I sense the uncertainty, fear and paralysis felt know has surpassed all others.
For those seeking capital, the frustration with timing, process and fairness has never been more pronounced. For those of us who went through Sandy, we felt it was a once in a lifetime event. I and others were wrong.

What businesses need now is experience, maturity and knowledge ( which combined = prospective or wisdom).
bıusinesses also need impartial advice. A person or team who can act as a trusted advisor, bring a new set of glasses to where things are now and where you are thinking of taking them.

My business model is simple. I am a sole practitioner and unlike web
companies, plan mills, MBA' s and other 'highest rated' practitioners, I
have sat across the table from those seeking investment capital for over
25 years signing transfers which topped $2 billion in almost every sector,
business, revenue, and marketing model that we have seen over the past
25 years.

In making these 'investment' decisions, I have reviewed over 2000 business
plans, PPM's, sat through 'too many' PowerPoint presentations (which in
many cases can be considered cruel and unusual punishment) and
dissected financial projections, valuations, deal structures, and funding
strategies for entities across the spectrum of traditional and emerging
business sectors.

This continuum of services offers clients a seamless method of generating a plan, and then
the series of informational documents and analysis without outsourcing to
the multiple entities who create one or two items such as strategy and
positioning- pitch deck, business plan, PPM, financial cap tables, term
sheets and legal experts with the inherent back and forth missed
deadlines and information which is lost in translation. ( causing potential
legal issues)

I adopted a method utilizing screen-share where
we build, review and compare documents together. This methodology has
in many cases has added significant value to the project including revenue
stream diversification, creating a unique value prop and key differentiators
while reducing the back and forth and shortening the process. Many
considered the process a mini- MBA in early stage company creation and

Another benefit is a great night's sleep. No longer do presenters stay up
late nervously cramming before the next morning's meeting. Why?
because the continual and depth of interaction translates into a deep
knowledge of your business and what folks like myself needed to know.

My value proposition is as follows :

1. I am a sole practitioner -- I am the only person you speak with or who
touches your materials
2. We use screen share to create, review and edit materials
3. We develop and create financial projections together so you will be
able to respond to any questions you might receive with confidence and
4. My research is fresh (within the past 4 quarters) from wall street
sources -- not census data like others use
5. Before writing we develop a funding strategy, as each set of
documents is targeted to the type of investor we believe is the most
relevant for the level of funding you require and what you need the
proceeds for
6. There are no templates
7. I work with a maximum of 3 clients at a time to provide a high level
of interaction
8. I do not up-sell. Only after we discuss your goals -- do we decide
which documents you require (in many cases all that is necessary is a pitch
deck and financial projections)
9. I will work with you to create a capital structure (share allocation)
which will protect your interests
10. The documents we create together are both a funding document
and operational road map to create a sustainable, scalable and profitable
11. This process serves as the best meeting and management prep -- no
other provider uses this methodology
12. If required I can generally meet most deadlines (usually there is an
extra charge)

The services I offer are as follows:

1. Review, rewrites, edits
2. Due-diligence & validation of financial projections
3. Pitch deck creation/ updates
4. Funding strategy, valuations, capitalization structure
5. Mini plans/exec summaries
6. Deal structure, valuations
7. Capital raising docs- These include STO's. ICO's SAFE's, Conv. notes, Reg A/
C/D & S-1's. Bridge loan, other investment agreements
9. Operating, businesses, turnaround plans
10. Investment Fund documentation
11. Fund creation
12. Subscription agreements
13. Term sheet
14. Registration materials
15. Qualified investor questionnaires
16. Valuations
17. Acting C-level or board member
18. Operating agreements and by-laws
I also include 30 post project pro-bono advisory.

Please do not ask me to quote a price prior to speaking or having a screen
share. How could any professional quote a price if they do not understand
what the project encompasses, which documents you require, how much
work you have that we can use and your target audience?

One last thought about pricing. If you have come this far in making what in many
cases is a life-changing decision of switching, managing or starting a new career,
then adding the financial worries and concerns along with the remarkable
amount of mental and emotional stress you have - and will continue to undergo -
do you really want to hire a business plan writer from Craig's list or the Web?

Or would you hire an experienced professional who can bring 25 years of
perspective, expertise, and knowledge across every element of your strategy,
preparation, documentation and yes the understanding of the emotional wear
and tear.

Please contact me to arrange a screens-hare review of work samples, as well as how I
might assist you with your efforts. My agreements bar me from sending out others
materials ( you would not like to see your docs used as advertising content) so screen
share works best.

Again, and unlike folks on the INTERNET, I do not have a team nor outsource. I work
with 3 clients at a time ( and on occasion 1 or 2 depending on the scope of the project).

Thank you for your interest
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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