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Hi! My name is Mikki and I am looking to bring in some new horses to work with, help sell, and more! I have grown up around horses and worked with them all my life! From working under an NCHA triple A judge and showman to spending time in Colorado working and learning from a reining trainer. Being able to apply the horsemanship, training techniques have been so great for my barrel horses. Not only did I learn training techniques but also knowing a proper diet and workout regimen to get them in top tier condition for competitions. In addition to knowing how important it is to always having your horses feel their best. With all that being said, I am also taking courses in Equine massage & Equine kinesiology taping with plans to take more! Right now I do have an Equine nebulizer that I use on my own horses and it has helped so much. BELOW I have listed what I am offering and rates. Please TEXT me with any questions or concerns!
I am currently offering;

-Halter breaking and/or the basics;
Standing tied, leading, lunging, trailer loading, picking hooves up.
$300 for every 30 days

-Tune ups and/or conditioning;
Applying a workout regimen to fit your horses needs as well as breathing treatments to help reduce inflammation, relieve bronchospasms, and break up mucus. This will help your horse to breathe easier, reduce coughing, and improve their ability to exercise!
$475 for every 30 days
*Requested breathing treatments are $15 a session*

Teaching the foundation of barrel racing and introducing the pattern once I feel the foundation is strong enough. Hauling for exhibitions if owner requests and approves. *Owner is required to pay for any expos or entry*
$500 for every 30 days

-Problem solving
If you’re having trouble getting your horse to do something for you, need help finding a chiropractor/vet that works with you, even if you just want help to get your riding more in sync with your horse.
$50 for a 1 hour lesson
$475 for every 30 days

-Colt starting
Ground work, desensitization, first rides and teaching them the basics and how to move out. A huge part of my program revolves around instilling comfortability and confidence when introducing a rider on their back and each new concept after that.
$675 every 30 days

-Finding a horse for you
Having trouble finding an honest seller? Or a horse you click with? Let me help with that!
Message me to discuss your dream horse!🦄
*PLEASE tell me price range, miles you are willing to travel, your experience level, if you are wanting to try before buying and any other preferences you may have*
$30 for finding horses within your requested specs and getting you in contact with owner.
$55 to contact owner and discuss if the horse may be a good fit for you
$150 for going with to try a horse.
$200 for trying the horse if you cannot.

Local and US marketing.
Body conditioning if needed.
Hauling and getting stats if necessary and/or requested by owner.
*owner is required to pay for any expos or entry fees*
Price varies on how long sale takes and % of cost on horse.

-Horse sitting for all those that want a vacation!
Either board your horse with me while you’re gone or have me come to them! Daily pictures and updates will be sent. =D
$25 per trip to your property
$200 per week at my property

All horses are required to come with current coggins and encouraged to come with hooves and teeth UTD.

You are more than welcome to bring your own grain or opt to use mine for a fee.
The horse will be stalled with hay in front of them at all times and fresh, clean water daily. As well as daily supervised turnout in a grass lot.

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