Resell Auction Estate Sale Group (St. Louis)

I resell in many different ways on many different platforms. Facebook marketplace, eBay, flea markets, auctions, estate sales. Doing a lot and can use help partnering with someone in the same situation. I do well for myself but I know for me to take it to the next level I need good help.

I'm looking for a diverse group of smart, experienced, unselfish people who want to work together in any way possible.
Sharing information on events. Selling each other's items at different events. Being in 2 places at once. Possible yard sales partnerships. Doing physical auctions. Online auctions, buying storage units, and more. I have done a little or a lot of these things.

Buying storage units. Possibly sharing a warehouse space. However we can help each other.

I'm also looking for anyone with a vehicle who is smart and honest and may not have a lot of experience but wants to get paid while they learn all the ways of selling. As long as you have great potential and are self-motivated but need an opportunity. Even labor help but hopefully you can do more than labor. It's not about getting excited reading this. It's about the follow-through. Writing down and explaining all the ways you may be able to help me. Vans, trucks, SUVs, or even renting a uhaul.

I am also looking for a person who has done online auctions like Hibid/Auction Flex. I want to pay for the consulting to walk me through doing my own online sales.

I have been approved to sell on a platform called Whatnot online auction. I want someone who is willing to be the face of my auctions and I stay behind the scenes.

If we can get a group of people we can help each other in so many ways.

I know this is a unique group request but at least email me some ways you can help me and the potential group before just asking general questions. Thanks.

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