I need to insulate my house and garage, need advice or help (St. Louis)

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I am looking to insulate my house and garage and it is looking to be like a unique job. But you know everything comes down to money. Hoping someone can help me make the right decisions. Cause I have already spent hours researching every way to insulate each spot and wow this could be a super expensive job. However as with anything there are ways to cut cost and what not. I got to figure what I can do and what I need to do. (1,4,5, and 7 are the ones I really need advice for)

1. Garage has no insulation as of now. It’s a two car garage. So what type of insulation would be best? Keep in mind that I am going for sound blocking and to lower utility bills (the other insulation in house too).

2. I talked to a spray foam place and that stuff is very expensive apparently. I only called one place though.

3. I heard of something like a thin metal like sheeting as an option that might be better than other more common insulation options.

4. The exterior walls of the house are a concern for me. The house is 74 years old. Even if there is insulation in there it will not be effective. So what is the best way to get new insulation in the exterior walls? I have read up on this. But I feel like I need someone with more experience to help me further understand how I should go about this. I really am wanting ti block the sound from leaving and coming in. There is absolutely no sound barrier as it is now. So I wouldn’t doubt if there is no insulation.

5. I know I need to do the attic for sure and so what would be my best for that? Like I will consider paying for one way or another if I know overall it will be a wise choice. Otherwise I’m looking to save money up front too.

6. I have a crawl space that needs an update.

7. I would be considering to insulate the basement ceiling cause I heard it is good to insulate under the floors. But I wouldn’t want to use fiberglass for that and I can’t put drywall over it, or maybe I can in certain spots but many spots need access to pipes and wires and air duct vents that are everywhere as well.

8. I want to insulate the pipes showing in the basement.

9. I can’t seem to find any company’s doing insulation. I find a couple but I would think there would be a lot more. Maybe I’m looking up the wrong key words.

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