February 2020 UBE Bar Exam Outlines Based on BARBRI MBE MEE MPT

The UBE Bar examination is passed by knowing the substantive law very well, and by practicing both the MBE and MEE Essay questions (do not forget the MPTs!) to the point where a prospective Bar exam taker is familiar with the structure and format of the written portions of the exam as well as spotting patterns in the multiple choice sections of the exam. This is otherwise known as the "procedural" aspect of the exam (equally as important as knowing the substantive law, and often overlooked!).

Wasting time listening to lectures while not memorizing the law is the biggest way to cause unnecessary anxiety, stress, and usually leads to an unproductive day/evening of studying. I worked for BarBri during my tenure at law school, and took not only their main course, but all supplemental courses as well (MBE, MPT, and MEE Essay tutoring / courses).

Based on the foregoing, I offer my highly comprehensive, accurate, well-structured and clearly written (in customizable Word format) exam OUTLINES for the UBE Bar examination, all of which are adapted verbatim from BarBri lectures. They are the notes taken during all BarBri MEE/MBE/MPT lectures and then retyped into well written outlines. The outlines have been updated for the February 2020 Bar exam.

The first set of outlines are my verbatim Barbri lecture notes taken directly from the lectures. Everything is set out in detail and they range from 15 to 35 pages per subject. The second set of outlines are condensed versions of the long outlines, setting out all the "core" points you need to know sans myriad examples and explanations, around 4-8 pages each for the shorter subjects, and around 10-12 pages each for the longer subjects.

I also include my "minis" which are a 2 page (front and back) mini outline containing all relevant information (black-letter-law), and are perfect to study from as a refresher when you get closer to the exam. These outlines should be utilized once you are familiar and comfortable with the material contained in the longer outlines.

I also include my "Rule Block" outlines, used to create handy charts, graphs and visualizations for those that are more of a visual leaner via charts. In addition, I include a subject by subject fill in the blank outline complete with questions and answers designed to test what you REALLY know and what you REALLY have memorized.

I further include the "Essay Writing Workshop" outline, which guides you through the proper steps to write a concise and well written MEE essay in 30 minutes, the "Exam Tips and Tricks" outline which provides useful tools to prepare for the exam without wasting much needed time, the "MPT Tips" outline to prepare for and ultimately assist in drafting a proper MPT. These aforementioned supplemental outlines were derived from extra BarBri programs I paid for during my prep work.

If you are intending to make your own notes you will be spending days of unnecessary work doing so, when instead you could use these notes and outlines to study from (and adapt as you please). In addition, instead of needlessly filling out the course handouts while you listen to the lectures, you're much better off using the longer version of these outlines (which are essentially the same as the completed handouts, along with some additional tips / law etc), and adapting them as you see fit during the lectures. This will allow you to focus your time on learning and memorizing the key content, which is what is really crucial for success one the UBE exam, followed by ample time for practice.

I am charging $45 for all of the outlines listed above (50+ documents in all). Reply to this post and I am more than willing to send you a sample of all three forms of the outlines (long, short and mini). The samples will include outlines for / from both MBE and MEE subjects, as well as samples of my long, short, and "mini" outlines.

Please note, I am available to you from the time of purchase, via email or phone, to answer any questions you may have regarding the outlines, or any other bar related question(s) that you might have. It will be my pleasure to walk you through the process step by step should the need arise and within reason, of course.

Best of luck with studying!
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