High Fidelity (TLDR: Older bass/guitar for "indie" music) (St. Louis Area)

I'm starting to feel like the CL>Musicians equivalent of Championship Vinyl's employees - picky, opinionated, elitist... seemingly too picky to find anyone to play music with on CL. At least I'm self-aware about it! ;-)

Seriously, I'm not putting down any other genre of music, or anybody's desire to be "the next big thing." I'm not too good to play with others. If anything, I'm decent but listen to music critically, and have a good ear. I'm just looking for the right fit for me, to be able to hang out and make music with people who have similar goals, taste in music, skills.

First, I'm older. We'll probably relate best if you're in your forties or early fifties, but this is more about full disclosure than anything I'm concerned about. I don't care how old you are if we are musically compatible.

Which leads to taste in music. If you listen to some of the rock programming on KDHX, frequent shows at Off Broadway, Ready Room, Old Rockhouse, or the Side Door or Cicero's back in the day, or listen to any of the following genres, we may have compatible taste:

(These are not in any particular order!)
Indie, indie rock, indie pop
Power pop
Punk, post-punk
New wave, post-wave
Americana, roots, alt-country
Folk, alt-folk, indie-folk
Trip-hop, downtempo
Garage rock
Any hyphenated combination of any of the above terms!

Goals? Primarily to get together and make the type of music that I'd enjoy listening to. Select and possibly obscure covers? Sure. Reinterpretations of songs? Maybe. Some sort of 1980's new wave or post-punk tribute band(s)? Possibly? I would love to write and play originals inspired by the music that I/we love. Simple and DIY are totally cool, but everything benefits from strong melody and hooks. Open to recording and/or playing out if things progress to that point. Looking to get together once a week or every other, but flexible.

Did I mention relaxed (though not lazy) and drama-free? Mature and reliable?

Finally, I'm more interested in connecting with people with similar interests that any specific type of musician. A band leader/front woman/man with a great voice and songwriting skills would be... too good to be true, probably. I'd love to talk to anybody who might be interested in trying to put something together. I play bass, acoustic and electric guitar and can sing. Ideally, I'll hear from someone who handles more lead duties (vocals, guitar, keyboard, or other instrument... mandolin?), but we could probably make two guitars and some harmonies work.

If you think you might be interested in talking, send me an email. If you have a band and need one more person, let me know. Samples are great if you're a singer or songwriter, but not needed. I can send you the name of a couple bands I played with, or maybe a home recording of me learning a Big Star song... :-)

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