Looking for Musicians (Troy Mo.)

I am in search of other musicians (age is not a concern) for an original band with the intent of playing out once the group is ready. I am a Guitarist and a Drummer with all of my own equipment Guitars, Drums, Bass Guitars and Keyboards, Recording Equipment and also practice space. I am looking for other musicians' Vocalist / lyricist, Bass player, Drummer, Keyboards and another Guitarist (also with your own equipment) to write and record original songs with the intent of playing out and or marketing our music online. I have many songs in the work that can be used I think they would be good if all of the finished instrumental tracks were put together. My interest and influences are 1970"s thru 1990's Rock, Progressive Rock, Hair Bands, Alternative Rock, British Rock, Jazz, Funk and many others. Also not opposed to doing covers for a play list. I have a small practice space that can be used during the week or weekends. Seems like there not many people wanting to commit to doing originals and want only to play other people's music which can be heard anywhere this is a chance to form a group to get your music and artistry talent out there and be known for your/ groups accomplishments not someone else's. Let me know if this is for you and maybe we can make it happen. If you contact me leave a contact # that works or has a voice mail set up or a legit e-mail address I can return your reply, if not do not waste my time. I have had to many people contacting me but not returning my replies or following through with a commitment to meet or audition. Just trying to put something together without any drama or nonsense, thanks for looking.

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