Reptiles for rehoming (pets with enclosures) (St. Louis)

As I am getting busier my reptiles are being put on the backburner and I would love for them to go to a home where they are first priority. I have 3 reptiles for sale and 2 extra enclosures. Feel free to ask me anything, price is negotiable to some extent if I feel you would make a
great home.

Almost fully grown bearded dragon male. Comes with a 4x2x2 enclosure with stand, any bugs or supplements I have left, as well as all lighting (linear uvb and heat) and decor. His name is Frank. He eats well (bugs and veggies) and loves bathes. $300 obo.

Young African fat tail gecko. His name is George. Comes with a 36x18x18 enclosure. Failed bioactive but has a grow light and heat lamp. Also eats well but is still young and timid so harder to handle. Gets fed small dubia and mealworms. Would probably eat crickets too. These guys are similar to leopard gecko but require a higher humidity. $120 for all.

Lastly, I have a very young dalmation crested gecko. His name is Arnold. Currently, he is in a bare 12x12x18 enclosure, but as he grows will need a larger one (which I have if you want to purchase instead). These guys need a high humidity and eat a fruit paste, so he comes with a mister and all his food. $70 for everything.

I have 2 18x18x24 enclosures previously used for geckos, but can clean them up before being sold. No cracks and in very good condition. $70 obo each.

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