I keep asking, how about now?

I keep asking, after each round of scandals, malfeasance and corruption, are the Trumpanzees ready to admit their idol is a royal POS?

Now, Giuliani's buddies were indicted and arrested by the Feds. And it's because of their Ukraine dealings with Rudy on Trump's behalf, trying to get a foreign government to once again, try to sway our election. Rudy will be close behind, he didn't learn from Papadopoulis, Gates, Flynn, Stone, Manafort, Cohen, etc., selling out to be in Trump's mob won't immunize you from justice. You'll only give up your lifelong legacy to be a mugshot on a wall, a sh*tstain in history books and despised by all for generations.

More and more GOP members are turning on Trump because of his abandoning our allies in Syria, especially the veterans who have been there, unlike wimpy Trumpy who had a bone spur and couldn't serve in the military.

Trump is calling Moscow Mitch regularly, trying to see who may be willing to vote to impeach him and threaten those who speak out against his outrageous behaviors. He's doing enough to convince even Mitch to consider impeachment!

The GOP, no matter how unified, no matter how adamant, will never convince this narcissistic bully to listen to a word they say. What they all should have learned in grammar school and what they've been told over and over since Trump took to the campaign trail is that he's a bully and your supporting him just because he attacks your opponents won't keep him from attacking you later. Now he's doing just that and I'd like to be the first to say, "I told you so, dumbasses!

Look at how many have been in and out of this administration, he wouldn't listen to a single one. He kicked many out, many left knowing their efforts to contain this walking disaster was futile. Finally, the tide has turned and more and more are realizing removal from office is the only sane answer, the only way to corral this out-of-control Angry Orangutan! Fox News poll now shows a majority not just support an impeachment inquiry, not just an impeachment procedure but an actual removal from office through impeachment. The numbers are changing as fast as the facts are coming to the surface, it's only a matter of time now.

P.S. Imagine what it's like at the dinner table at the George and Kellyanne Conway residence! One's a constitutional scholar, a lawyer, a lifelong conservative Republican and the other is a Machiavellian, sycophantic suck-up to the biggest criminal, the most corrupt, constitution trampling *sshole POTUS EVER!
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