Not looking good for Drumpf

No "war room", no game plan, once again leads to chaos. He and his partners in crime are out there lying their asses off without coordination or direction, the whistle blower DOES have first hand knowledge, Drumpf's own I.C.I.G. says so! And he doesn't need any, anyway, not only his I.C.I.G. say so but Chuck Grassley of all people is defending the whistle blower law as well! And the whistle blower law has not changed, the form is the same as it was in 2018. Graham's speech to Congress on impeachment from the Bill Clinton days is damning him for extreme hypocrisy. Trump tweeting over 100 times this weekend about the impeachment inquiry may be producing evidence to support his own impeachment, witness intimidation is a form of obstruction of justice. A Harvard professor claims his civil war retweet is impeachable all by itself. "Oh the tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". The POTUS and his posse's web of lies are being debunked as fast as they can weave them, it's what's driving the public to support his impeachment. Now at 47% for, 45% against and the more Tweets and lies, the more support there will be. His supporters here are moving his impeachment along nicely as well. They have no defense of him, they can't refute any facts, their bitching about the latest news just proves them to be blind followers who don't want to hear that their beloved superstar is even more corrupt than anyone thought. Adios, Drumpf!
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