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RE: Democrats are owned again

"Take notice all Black supporters, your officially owned by another white organization, thank you for your service now go do our dirty work and get thrown in jail you dumb asses and cry about racism. Keep up all the good work and don't fight back or get assistance from the National Guard ,we love democratic controlled citys and how easy we can roll over them."

WTF are you even trying to say here? Go do our dirty work?? Get thrown in Jail and cry about racism?? I hope someone beats the fuck out of you. Please, go downtown and just tell people to do "our dirtywork." Or are you too much of a pussy to actually say that in front of people. I bet you also go to church and say you love "god", but if god really did exist, he would be appalled by your behavior. "I worship god, but hate all of his creations." Typical moron Trump supporting HYPOCRITE. I realize you might not know what some of these words mean, like hypocrite and bigot, but you can just copy/paste them right into your browser to get a definition. It's so easy.

You are disgusting. You're too stupid to realize that there is only one "race" on this planet. The human race.

Go ahead and cling on to the dead confederate ideals that lost 170 years ago, because that is clearly working. KEEP BEING A LOSER. You assholes would rather fight to keep racism alive than give everyone equality. How fucked up is that?

Even if Trump wins again (which could only be through fraud) YOU STILL LOSE. In fact we all lose. You're just sad, pathetic, racist losers. If racism was really "the right way" then the confederates and nazis wouldn't be the biggest group of has-beens.

Also, you forgot the biggest rich asshole on your convenient.
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