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Stupid Trump-ettes!! Can’t shut me up!! (Dump Trump 2020)

I just love how you dumb Trumpettes scream about freedoms, but when somebody tells you the truth, you tell them to shut up.

This is America. I have just as much right to shed light on the idiocracy in this city as you do to be a fucking moron hypocrite. It’s called the 1st amendment. Just like our Spray Tan President, you might want to try reading the constitution. I know it’s tough, given there’s no pictures. Even Chumps advisors say he only looks at the pictures in he briefings. Hahahahahaha!!!

I understand why your angry. Your world is crumbling around you.

I still have yet to hear any Trump-ette say something that makes sense. It’s just insults.

Good job dickheads. You’re going to need as much non-Russian support as possible, but you just keep driving people farther away with your shenanigans.

You all just might as well go away. There’s no room for bigots, liars, hypocrites, and racists here. We only want people trying to make the world a better place, instead of doing your best to belittle them.

But please!! I’m begging please!!! Can any of you say something that isn’t only just an insult? It’s okay to insult me, I can take it...but it sure would be nice to have a point to accompany the insults.
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