1973 Firebird Formula Trans Am 1 year only Endura Bumper Support Grill - $375

1 Year Only - 1973 Federally Mandated Crash Bumper Support for the changed from 1970-72 Endura Bumpers for the model year 1973 Firebird Front Endura Bumpers - these are parts number 1 and 2 in the exploded view diagram - one part numbered 1 and two part numbered 2 pieces, nuts, bolts etc.

This is straight off a surviving car in the 1980s stored inside since, not restored, original GM paint - still has the waffle pattern witness marks on it from being formed in the factory - hard to find this late in the game not missing, rotted or sandblasted half as thick - price firm - have other parts some NOS - and yes I do have an excellent complete 73 Endura Unit and Valance and Fenders but they will be pricey this late in the game - mainly saved them over numerous others for a final build - but possibly available see below


Also have an entire 1973 Firebird Formula front clip - with functional Ram Air hood WU3 option in original paint, with screens and boots, original paint 1973 1 year only endura bumper that has never been sanded and had the subtle contours ruined, Grills, headlight hardware, original paint passengers fender, decent drivers, core, 1973 number 455 . etc., - $11,500 for all this

Also have 1 year only NOS factory GM 1971 Firebird Formula fenders with the grill openings - available nowhere else on earth in 2024 - best offer over $6K for these - package deal available to clear me out of ALL of my Second Gen parts which I have more of - several NOS - interesting offers considered - 400s, 455s, Buckets of sport mirrors, 8,000 /160 MPH clusters, TA Steering Wheel parts, many date coded parts pulled in the 80s, SE gold wheels, desirable code Rallys, buckets of brightwork, HVAC vent work pieces, tons more - I will only sell this out to a single buyer for the right offer, no piecing out - thanks

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