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It's all lies but Trump is now attacking his "good friend" Steve Bannon? Trump's lawyers threatened Bannon to shut up about Wolff's lies? Dozens of people quoted in this book say it's accurate. Sure, there will be embellishments, sure there will be exaggerations, probably even unfounded conclusions. IT'S A F**CKING BOOK! It's Wolff's opinions, it's his interpretation of what he was told. Wolff is not testifying before a grand jury and he's not writing a biography with Trump's permission. Google just how many anti-Obama or anti-Bush books were written, I don't hear you crying about that. All presidents face this situation but only Trump is stupid enough to use Twitter to not only increase the already incredible sales of this book but prove the accusations in it, that he is a total nut job. And only Trump and his bungling boneheads would be stupid enough to allow a guy like Wolff (or anyone else) such access to the White House. Journalists have been reporting all of the things that were put in this book, those in the GOP have been leaking this info from the beginning, even before Trump was elected. You're pissed at the wrong person, you shouldn't be pissed at Wolff, he did exactly what he always does. And don't think I'm saying you should be pissed at Trump, either. He'd did everything in his power, his entire life, to show he's not qualified or mentally fit to hold an office. The one you should (and are if you'd admit it) be pissed at is YOU!
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