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I read all of the post about the VW driver and most of you rock throwing armchair traffic lawyers are the problem. You people never read the post and get all of the facts straight before you accuse someone of interrupting your entitled life. The people that replied never said they were riding in the passing lane but you armchair traffic lawyers assumed that and started shooting arrows to make the response fit your own beliefs. I watch people everyday act like morons on the road forcing people out of the middle and slow lanes by riding their bumpers, riding the fast lane at very high rates of speeds and swerving over three to four lanes to get off an exit at the very last minute disrupting traffic and putting peoples lives at danger causing flowing traffic to slow down or in some cases completely stop. The bottom line is the speed limit and the rules of the roads are for everyone to follow so if your doing 10 over it is still illegal and you are breaking the law. So if you do these things then do not complain about other people because you are just as guilty as they are. Respect goes along way and I think people have forgotten how to show it.
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