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Here's my dilemma: I was working my job, minding my own business, and went to clock out for my break at 9:30pm. As I'm going to clock out, this guy puts his hand on my chest, stopping me, and looks at the clock. I had absolutely no idea why he did it, and didn't regard him as a threat since there is no way he beats me in combat, should he also have the audacity to attack me. The next night, going to clock out for break, he stops me again, this time telling me that I'm supposed to stay at my machine until 9:30pm, then go to clock out. I informed him that the supervisor made it very clear to me that I'm to clock out at 9:30pm sharp, and that is what I am going to do. Immediately after those events, my tools were being vandalized with slanderous graffiti, saying I was "lazey", and many demasculating comments written all over my tools. I notified the supervisor, and he told me to get him if it happened again. It did happen again, but I needed proof of who was doing it, so I baited him, and he fell hook, line, & sinker. I left my notebook open on my table,with the words, "You Pathetic Coward" on the open page. He did not like that so he went so far as to put his name on everything. I showed, rather attempted to show a few people, but to my dismay, no one verified it. One person doesn't speak English well enough to know what I was asking him, and the other was a young kid that just really didn't care. Time went by and although they severely faded, you can still make out a lot of the words and his name. Bear this in mind: I am, once again, looking at them right now, however, no one at my work said they could see anything. I sat before 5 or 6 bosses who all said they didn't see it. While I was in the office doing this, a different employee or two, pulled a lot of the tape off of my tool, attempted to cover up where you could see the guys name, and went into my personal bag and carved a threatening message into the screen of my cellphone, breaking it in the process. They even put their names on it. In the office, I was, not accused, but insinuated that I was either on drugs or have a mental problem. I'm to go to HR Monday before clocking in, so I can be sent for a drug screen, I'm sure. No problem there, I'm not on f*****g drugs. In their defense, the lighting is poor in the building, but still, one of the bosses said he could see writing, but couldn't make out the words. He was quiet though, while I was being absolutely humiliated and discredited. I was sent home. I am the victim of harassment, threats of physical violence, and destruction of property, but I was accused of being on drugs or psychologically ill, sent home, missed time at work, and have to undergo who knows what on Monday. Should I get a lawyer?
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