Hammond B3 Organ & Leslie REPAIR/Pro Audio Service Guitar/Tube/Amp/Key (METRO EAST)

Hello fans and players of all music, pro audio, instruments, amps and speaker technology!

IF IT MAKES NOISE, I'VE FIXED IT! And it's been my pleasure to be the go-to tech of nearly all the historic churches, from St Louis, down to Memphis and all the churches that ROCK! With custom bass enclosures and other modifications... thank you all!

Taking repairs, making house calls and also working with local music stores and other specialty shops.
Sean SIX ONE ATE-980-2421

I am the busiest Hammond tech around, and rightly so, as I have been repairing them since I was a teenager! I also buy and sell and modify Hammonds and Leslies... There's isn't much I don't know about them and there's very little I can't fix, right there on the spot!

And you're welcome to watch and I'll share what knowledge I have with you, so you can take better care of your organ. The organ in the picture is the big B-3 at the Central Baptist Church, the historic oldest black owned church in the US, and my privilege to work on and get back to righteous!

I am a repository for all things old and cool! I have worked for nearly every store and repair shop in the area and freelance my skills to a lot of places when they get something they can't figure out!

If you have a vintage piece of guitar gear, or anything of that nature, there's a good chance I'll be tasked with fixing it... and if you want to be sure it's fixed right, there's literally no other choices around here. Not only do I do the most repairs, I also share my knowledge with other techs if they ask. I may not always be around, so there's gotta be someone else to fix all of these great noise makers... in the last year I've
Reconed many speakers.
restored, modified and also created two new versions of the classic Leslie cabinets with EARTHQUAKE bass enhancements.
Hohner Pianet and Clavinet MODS.

I've repaired the best and brightest players' rigs in town and even modified a clav with my own proprietary preamp system for a well known touring act.

I've even made SEVERAL WIRELESS B-3 organs! It can be done! And saves a lot of money if you want that cabinet over 100 feet away back stage or what have you...

Tube amps! Lots of repairs.
Building and repairing custom Bass and electric guitars...
Dynamic and Condenser mic repairs... it's tedious and hard work... often done with tweezers or very small pliers... but those things CAN be fixed... and MAN, does it help them sound great!

Custom speaker enclosures. I have a ton of raw speakers and the ability to build cabinetry and custom high efficiency crossovers using premium parts, COMBINING speaker technologies that couldn't happen in the real world, all of which are ALREADY in house!
I have more parts than any freelance tech... and for more and more diverse sytems, going back to the EARLY 20th century!

So give me a call and rest easy. We'll get it sorted out and if it's not practical to repair, I'll let you know and that will also at least relieve you from having a piece you have too much money into...

I have fixed and restored many solid state and tone wheel organs over the years. It's a very intense area of expertise as there are so many of these crazy and womderful machines out there... but I've worked on nearly everything from an ancient jukebox to a Farfisa compact... even 19th century reed organs and early electronic oddities. Chances are I will be the one guy that's actually heard of the strange thing you found and has a clue to how it works! That's my thing! lol
Thanks for your business! It’s been my pleasure.

Sean SIX ONE ATE- 980-2421

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I'm a lifelong musician, collector and all around geek for these old noisemakers... oh, and that includes jukes! A bubbler and a Rock-ola recently...
You can take your piece to whoever you wish, but if it's a tough customer, there's a GOOD chance it'll be on my bench at some point!
Best prices, and the most experience bar-none in the midwest.

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